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Why add Barracuda Essentials on top of O365?

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Is Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) enough?

Barracuda Essentials is a comprehensive email security solution that integrates directly with the Office 365 API. This means that Barracuda Essentials can be added atop your existing O365 deployment while adding critical layers of defense that Office 365 lacks.

While O365 and M365 do include some built-in and optional security features,  elusive threats like Spear Phishing and Business Email Compromise continue to foil these basic security functions. Barracuda Essentials fills the gaps in Microsoft’s toolbox, providing security features crucial to modern email security.

Office 365 includes Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) standard with all versions of O365. EOP provides modest protection but lacks several key email security features that stop advanced threats. O365 customers can also optionally add Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection for an additional cost. Nonetheless, these few additional layers do not add up to a complete defense-in-depth strategy.

Barracuda Essentials adds powerful security layers that O365 lacks:

Barracuda’s Email Security Service offers world-class email security that features encrypted communication in and out of your network. Barracuda Essentials email security consistently scores higher in both third-party benchmark tests and customer feedback. Plus, small businesses get access to powerful anti-malware tools and Data Loss Prevention capabilities by default—something that Office 365 doesn’t offer unless you buy the more expensive enterprise plans.

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